Unlike many PP or PET-based products, our Cup should never emit odours or retain taste. We suggest you wash the Cup thoroughly before use and avoid leaving remains of drinks inside for prolonged periods.


Our lids are made from silicone which is chemically inert substance which means that, unlike some petrochemical plastics, (PET, PP) it should never emit odour. However, it can absorb some odours. Therefore, we always recommend washing lids and sleeves in the dishwasher (top shelf, removed from Cup). Also ensure that you avoid storing or washing with metal or conventional polypropylene plastic items such as storage containers or other plastic cups.

Quick Tips to remove odours

  • Top shelf dishwasher is always best; avoid washing or storing with conventional plastic or metal items
  • Mix a paste of baking soda and spread over the inside and around the rim of the lid; leave overnight and then wash clean.
  • Store near a small dish of vanilla, lemon or other pleasant-smelling material until the unpleasant odour has disappeared.
  • Avoid heavily fragranced dishwashing tablets or liquids. We recommend Ecover, Splosh or other fragrance-free options)