Step 1 • Crush
No matter how you choose to dispose of your cup, the first and most important step is to crush the entire Cup into small (2-3cm) pieces. We suggest you place inside an old pillow case or cotton bag and the jump on it over and over until it has broken down (be careful as sometimes these pieces can be sharp.)

Step 2 • Dispose

OPTION 1. Bury with organic waste

If you have an active household compost heap, soak the broken pieces in boiling water for 15-20 minutes and then bury deep with other organic matter while still hot. (Please be careful while doing this!) The cup will decompose over 24 – 36 months, depending on environmental conditions, and leaves 3-5% residual material.

OPTION 2. Mix with conventional waste
After much research, we’ve realised that possibly the best way for most people to dispose of their crushed cup is with conventional waste. Whilst that may sound counter-intuitive, if it is does end up in landfill, it will degrade over time in a warm, moist environment. We hope you agree that 3-5% residual material is better than 100% of plastic that will never biodegrade.

OPTION 3.  You are more than welcome to use it as pen holder or plant.